A restaurant find in Los Angeles

September 4, 2018

I can hardly believe it. We only ever come to LA on our way to somewhere else (why would it be anything else, right?). No, actually that’s not true, when my mother was still alive, (dear old Lucky was quite the gal), and before they killed my sister Kelly with chemotherapy over 3 years ago, we did go to Southern California (SoCal) much more. Now it’s just a gateway, an overnighter to regroup before the next leg of a more exotic locale. Santiago, Barcelona & Bueños Aires come to mind.

So on our way to Santiago last February we tried out a Mexican restaurant Mickey must have found online called Paco’s Tacos. It was a short Uber-hop from our hotel and turned out to be great! We went for a late lunch and were kinda surprised that it wasn’t very busy – except for a big long table of policemen. It must have been after a shift change or something. Anyway seeing the cops eat there assured us it would be good and it did not disappoint.

We are on our way through LA this time headed to Washington DC and NYC, and naturally made it a point to visit Paco again. We had to. I mean we just never seem to have any really good Mexican food on the Big Island, not since Bueños Nalo pulled up stakes a long time ago.

Here was my dinner last night, the chili relleño & chicken enchilada combo. Yum!

Mickey had a ginormous burrito with about half an avocado on top. Anyway our waiter Lorenzo & we are all old friends now so I know we’ll hit it on our way home again in a couple weeks. The address is right there on the top photo if you’re ever in the area. I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

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