Your Daughters (sisters, mothers & BFFs) Wearing Burqas One Day

June 28, 2011

How much more do we take? Patting down young kids and now this demeaning intrusion at the other end of the age spectrum, but no less ridiculous.

TSA said they could not complete their security check without having this 95-year-old lady with end-stage leukemia remove her adult diaper!

American’s civil rights continue to be eroded by our intrusive government as more and more concessions are made to Muslim activists to comply with Sharia law right here in the United States! To wit:

  1. A Washington D.C. development project will not include leasing to banks or liquor vendors due to pressure from Qatari investors who insist on following Sharia law.
  2. A Tulsa, Oklahoma police captain has been suspended without pay for refusing to order his officers to attend an Islamic proselytizing event held in March of this year.
  3. A New Jersey judge refused to issue a permanent restraining order against an Muslim man, despite the fact that “criminal acts (repeated rape and assault on his wife) were indeed proved, because “his acts were consistent with his religious practices”. Under Sharia law, this Muslim husband had a “right” to rape his wife.
  4. A California elementary school revised its instructional schedule, adding a 15-minute recess after lunch to allow Muslim students to pray in a separate room, and pork was removed from future school cafeteria menus.
  5. Hawaii’s oh-so liberal legislature became the first in the nation to pass a bill celebrating Islam Day! Sam Slom, the sole Republican in the State senate cast the only “no” vote in the Senate stating he “Didn’t want to honor a religion connected to September 11, 2001”. Thank goodness for at least a spec of sanity.

Isolated incidents? Think again. According to’s Tipsheet, the libs will tag you fear-mongers, bigots, racists or whatever, but Muslim radicals are using our liberal courts and activists along with U.S. businesses not wanting to offend (PC crap), to implement Islamic law that runs counter to every freedom our Constitution protects.

It’s a snowball running downhill and we all need to stand up and scream at every new assault – or your daughters (sisters, mothers & BFFs) may grow up wearing burqas one day and we’ll be wondering how it came to be.

Aloha, Mikie

Sharia Pushback in Saudi Arabia – You Go Girls!

June 18, 2011

It’s a golden opportunity for women and she’s a hero in my book! Manal al-Sharif posted a video on YouTube encouraging women to drive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

She was arrested and briefly detained for driving but fortunately for her and other women in this ass-backward sand heap, the Saudi royal creeps have a few other things to worry about these days:

  • Iran’s next move
  • Bahrain’s emboldened Shiite majority and what their own Shiite minority may start to demand as a result of the ‘Arab Spring’ which started in Tunisia months ago
  • Running out of light oil
  • Increased US fuel economy and it’s effect on the long term price of oil

So my little ‘chica’ freedom fighters all over the free world, stand up and unite for Saudi/Muslim women and their right to drive (or be seen in public burqa-less, to wear jewellery, or get an education, to choose their own spouse, or get divorced, and not be beaten by the men in their families, or stoned for adultery, and not be sexually mutilated, etc.). And for sure don’t let Sharia law be creeping into your neighborhood, city council, state legislature, schools and universities either -all very quietly, step by step, drip, drip, drip under the guise of religious freedom, tolerance, diversity or multiculturalism. Take a stand. The U.S. Constitution is the only law we need.

Aloha, Mikie

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