Is It Any Wonder The Conservatives (those wanting to cut taxes & spending and stick to the Constitution) Threw Boehner Out?

October 27, 2015

Isn’t it grand? Outgoing Speaker of the House has one last gift for all of us. Again behind closed doors Boehner & Obama are making deals to keep the power going and the money flowing to the government elites and power-brokers on K-Street & Wall Street. This time the deal they’re crafting will get them past the 2016 election before they have to ask/get another debt ceiling increase.Obama, Boner hugfest

This is why Boner had to go! This has always been how Boehner operates. He can’t get enough support from his own party (or specifically the conservative members of the GOP) for more big-government spending and concessions to Obama, but he can always bring enough Democrats on board to do Obama’s bidding and this last budget deal is no different.

And what I’ve heard about the budget is TERRIBLE! You may have heard that Social Security Disability was on track to go broke by 2016 (hello, just a few months away!), so what did they do? They took money out of the still solvent Old Age & Survivors Trust Fund -which every working person pays into EVERY month and will in this new budget deal, transfer it to the Social Security Disability which is essentially broke because of all the fraud and working able people who are receiving benefits they shouldn’t. This is why there will be not increase in everyone’s monthly SSI checks next year. Of course your Medicare portion will go up. This budget was concocted in some backroom and your representatives did not even know about it or have a say. How do you like that? This is hopefully Boehner’s finalĀ  middle finger to everyone. Of course he’s got some big-paying job lined up where he’ll make far more than he did as Speaker. Sickening is all I can say!

Will Paul Ryan be any different? Probably not, but we’ll see. And I hope they don’t give up on getting rid of Mitch McConnell who is just as bad as Boehner.

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