Are you being willfully obtuse about what is going on here?

August 14, 2020

Many people are anxiously awaiting the approval of a vaccine for COVID-19. Bill Gates & Anthony Fauci (of the Corona Virus task force), and others have said that we will never return to normal until we have a vaccine. Understand that the common cold is a type of coronavirus and they have never been able to develop a vaccine for the cold. Ditto for the HIV virus despite the billions spend to achieve that goal.

You need to put your critical thinking cap on here as to what is being pushed along with the delivery of a vaccine for COVID-19 when and if they get it. The vaccination drive ties into the bio-metric identity drive which ties into the cashless society drive, and it’s all about control.

Micro-delivery patch

Some (globalists) would ideally like for the vaccine to be delivered by dis-solvable micro-needles which would leave a barcode like tattoo readable by smart phones. These “tattoos” could contain anything from fingerprints, birth certificates, medical records, education, travel, bank accounts and more. Does anyone see a problem with this? I sure do. You think LifeLock is going to save you from this?

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