Entitlement Starts With Preschool Graduation Ceremonies

June 24, 2011

You wonder why America has such an entitlement mentality? If you’re over fifty my guess is you didn’t even go to preschool. I doubt it even existed then. Somehow it became a state-sponsored baby sitting deal.

But seriously, this gimme, gimme, gimme attitude dragging us down today is a result of too many people being made to feel special about finishing preschool!

How about stopping with the ‘every kid wins a prize, nobody gets a failing grade’ crap? How about no more molly coddling the brats? How about food assistance in the form of the basics -not lobster, steak or Mountain Dew (milk, cheese, bread, etc., like the old days), and not carte blanche with a debit card!)?

It starts with preschool graduations and never stops! And you wonder why graduates are neither employable nor self-sufficient. They can’t read or write (beyond texting), they have no critical thinking skills, can’t balance a checkbook or begin to manage credit.

They grow up to be adults rioting in Wisconsin (or Greece) when out of control pensions have to be cut and union members are forced to contribute to their own health care. HELLO!

Robert Rector a leading national authority on poverty and a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation gave very compelling testimony on Capital Hill last week (do doubt shoved aside by the media slavering over Weinergate).

“The major causes of child poverty in the United States is the absence of married fathers in the home and low levels of parental work.”

Paraphrased he continues, “America is evolving into 2 castes:  in the top half, children are being raised by educated, married parents, while the children in the bottom are born to and raised by unmarried mothers with a high-school degree or less.”

Yet the government with their marriage tax policy and umpteen give-away programs fosters dependency and continues to support single parentage. They need to take active steps to strengthen marriage as our experience shows it to be one of the biggest factors in reducing poverty. Think about this when you consider the President and the Justice Department’s refusal to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, and all the while pushing more government programs on the middle and lower class.

Aloha, Mikie


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