World’s Largest Bond Fund Say “No More” to US Govt Debt

March 11, 2011

Basta, nada mas, enough already! According to the Daily Caller, Investment Management Company also known as Pimco, the world’s largest bond fund dropped all government related debt from their Total Return Fund last month. WHY?

It’s pretty simple, yields will be too low and they blame the Federal Reserves practice of printing money thereby making our currency worth less (soon to be worthless?). The Federal Reserve likes to call this practice “qualitative easing” (QE2), but it’s the same -printing money to allow the Fed to purchase financial assets and government bonds that nobody else wants.

This is yet another indication that we need to get the deficit and government spending under control –now! Oh, and another thing- it would be a good idea to severe the incestuous relationship between the FED and Goldman Sachs.

Aloha, Mikie


Pink Slips For Congress

December 4, 2009

If stacked, 8 million pink slips would be more than half a mile high

Just so you don’t think you’re alone out there, over¬†8 million pink slips have been sent to Congress as a reminder that we’re watching and will be voting them out come 2010 if they continue to ignore us.

Send Congress a Pink Slip was started by World Net Daily as a means to let Congress know that everyday people -you know, you and me, are sick of them ignoring what the American people want – and it’s working big time.

In fact, this campaign has been so successful according to World Net Daily, that for a second time, the supplies of pink paper have been wiped out across North America by a true grass-roots campaign to send pink slips to members of Congress, warning them against support for the health-care takeover, big spending, hate-crimes legislation and energy taxes.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather be printing pink slips than for the Federal government to keep printing money we don’t have!

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Now Get Off Your Butts!

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