** UPDATE** To CITIZEN ALERT Regarding De-Funding Terrorist Countries

September 21, 2012

Thank you for the great response to yesterday’s CITIZEN ALERT.

Not a nice way to be thanked for serving your country

I am sorry to be posting these disturbing pictures of Ambassador Stevens murdered and sodomized by Islamic jihadist in what Mr. Obama & Hillary Clinton called for nearly a week a “spontaneous reaction to a vile and disgusting YouTube video”.

This just in from Senator Rand Paul!

“Just a few moments ago, I gave an hour-long speech in support of my bill (S 3576). The debate whether or not to stop foreign aid to terrorists enemies is RAGING in the U.S. Senate. Your phone calls are working. Virtually every Senate office is buzzing with chatter from staffers about the massive public support for my bill.”

“It is crucial to keep the pressure up on the Senate. If your Senators have already heard from you, CALL THEM AGAIN.”

Even if you called yesterday & today, DO IT AGAIN. Insist your Senators support Senator Paul’s amendment to de-fund our enemies.

The amendment is S 3576. In Hawaii call:

Sen. Daniel Akaka  (202) 224-6361

Sen. Daniel Inouye  (202) 224-3934

DEMAND they vote to stop all foreign aid to Pakistan, Libya, and Egypt.

If you live in another state, go here to find your Senators.

(this is a Senate vote, no need to call Representatives)

If you can afford a generous contribution to help RANDPAC elect more principled constitutional conservatives who will stand with Senator Rand Paul in critical fights like these, please give right away.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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