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January 22, 2010

I don’t know which is worse being unable to sit after back surgery long enough to get a decent blog going, or having my hard drive crash after downloading a Norton anti-virus renewal, thereby having the choice completely taken away!

But what I do know is I am so sick of hearing the apologist Democrats still blaming things on Bush! I mean come on, get a grip. People were actually saying the reason Coakley lost in Massachusetts was a back-lash against the previous 8 years. Hello, if they hated Republicans so much why then oh geniuses of the left, did they replace Kennedy with a Republican? It just doesn’t compute.

Then in the Washington Post this morning E.J. Dionne, gumba that he is, blathers on with the tired, old storyline that Republicans in Congress are now empowered to continue their course of obstruction. How in the world can you call them obstructionists when they haven’t even been included in the process? All those deals behind closed doors to secure Senate votes for Health care

  • $300 Million to Mary Landrau dubbed the Louisiana Purchase
  • A free pass on Medicaid increases to the entire populace of Nebraska -at the expense of the rest of the 49 states
  • The $60 Billion deal excluding favored union members from health care premium taxes

can be laid entirely at the feet of the Democrats because Republicans weren’t invited to the party!

The other phrase they can’t help regurgitating over and over is that the Republicans are the ‘Party of NO’. That too could not be further from the truth. 

Conservatives have offered alternatives from the beginning that make sense as the Heritage Foundation points out. They have continually called for portability of insurance to create real competition among insurers. (OMG just imagine what the Hawaii health-care landscape would look like if HMSA had any real competitors!) Another reform that made sense, The Patients’ Choice Act of 2009 (H.R. 2520 and S. 1099), has long advocated a universal system of tax credits for health care regardless of income or employment status -and not based on who donated the most to Obama’s election campaign. Tort and medical malpractice reform is only given lip service by the Democrats, but until you get meaningful tort reform and limits on outlandish awards for pain and suffering, you only force medical practictioners to continue costly defensive medicine and naturally, the cost going up, up, up.

Now lest I be taken for a Republican, I am not. I claim to be Independent and a conservative, but from recent history at least, the only alternative is to vote Republican this next go-round. And I hope Republicans get a clue this time because if they want to keep taking earmarks, ignoring their constituents and only working for more power and their own re-election, we’ll have to do the same to them-

Vote ’em Out!

Aloha, “Mikie”
Get Off Your Butts!

Question Boldly

August 27, 2009

At the risk of being repetitive, plagiaristic, lazy and all the rest I think this is so important and said so well, there is no need to try to improve upon it. If you agree with me you may want to pass it along to others.

I know many of you seeing a talk show host from FOX News are tempted right now to close this blog post without reading it or watching the video saying,

“Oh God, here she goes. She’s turned into a right-wing whack job.”

But I haven’t. The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats -neither care about the American people anymore. If they did, they wouldn’t try to defend themselves for having anything to do with 1100 page bills they vote on blindly. So please, do me a favor. Just watch this and for a moment forget about Republicans, Democrats, FOX News, conservatives or anything else. Just watch it with an open mind.

Health Care Reform  is not about insuring the millions of Americans not now covered just like like Cap & Trade is not about cleaning up the environment. They are A FURTHER INTRUSION INTO OUR LIVES AND A POWER GRAB and a mechanism for paybacks to Wall Street, contributors and those who delivered the votes (the unions); taking care of friends and setting themselves up to make a lot of money.

I  am personally writing to all of our Congressional Representatives in Hawaii to tell them I am appalled that they are not screaming in Congress about the powers being taken away from them. THEY HAVE LET THEIR LEGISLATIVE DUTIES BE OVER TAKEN BY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS who not only advise the President, but write the bills! Congress doesn’t read (or write) the bills any more. They have become willing accomplices because of the huge donations and promised votes. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THEIR OWN RE-ELECTION! You can do the same by going to Downsize DC, register one time only and go to the ‘Campaigns’ tab at the top to voice your opinion on just about anything.

That’s it for now!
Aloha, “Mikie”
Now Get Off Your Butts!
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