Senator Tom Coburn on How To Repeal Obamacare Without Congress

July 22, 2017

Former Senator Tom Coburn is the guy who used to put out the book on government waste all the time, or at least until he retired in 2015. He left Congress because he could see it was a hopeless cause. The October 2014 version of his waste report revealed an $856,000 grant to train mountain lions to walk on treadmills, $414,000 spent on an Army video game designed for recruitment purposes that was already more than $25 million over budget, and $46,000 for a snowmobile competition in Michigan.

Senator Coburn is now a champion for Convention of States. In this video he explains how we, the American people can get rid of Obamacare without Congress. Give it a look. It’s a little long, but just put it on while you’re busy at your desk or in the kitchen.

Go to Convention of States to learn more, sign the petition and get involved!

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