Lie, Cheat And Misrepresent; It’s What They (MSM) Does Best

August 12, 2012

The mainstream media slime. Lie, cheat & misrepresent.

  • CBS’s Dan Rather canned for lying about doctored documents claiming Bush went AWOL from the Air Nat’l Guard
  • The Ft. Hood terrorist massacre called “Work Place Violence” to downplay that the US Army officer was an Islamic Jihadist
  • The NY Times clears quotes & story lines with the White House before printing the story
  • The ACORN scandal reluctantly covered by MSM after multiple undercover video tapes exposed the truth
  • The National Enquirer broke the John Edwards scandal as MSM ignored that this darling Presidential candidate was not ‘perfection personified’
  • NBC altered the George Zimmerman 911 tapes and lied about his race
  • NBC removed “Under God” in Pledge at US Open
  • NBC censored the televised Olympic Opening Ceremony deleting a 6-minute tribute to London’s terror victims
  • The left and MSM keeps up the ‘oh so important’ Romney tax bullcrap. How about the tax billions owed by federal employees?

Now CNN & Time Magazine have suspended Fareed Zakaria 30 days for plagiarism (Is this high school??). Of course he admitted it after he got caught, and then apologized. At Yale where Zakaria is a trustee according to HuffPo, students are expelled for plagiarism.

As a journalist, your word and your integrity used to be all you had. How do CNN & Time get away with the thirty-day detention thing? You think this Zakaria clown nicks himself as he shaves in the morning? NOT!

And what was the Zakaria liar writing about that was so important he felt the need to borrow someone else’s work? Gun control. Let’s see who else do we know who’s told a lie or two about gun control?

Why that would be the highest attorney of the land, Eric Holder (first ever DOJ head held in Contempt by Congress).  Holder finds it difficult to come clean on Fast & Furious due to his long-held beliefs regarding the Second Amendment and the right of citizens to bear arms.

I can hardly wait to see the Paul Ryan treatment (there goes granny off a cliff) by the Main Stream Media regardless of the fact that Obamacare guts $700 Billion from Medicare.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)


Gun Confiscation Coming to a City Near You

December 11, 2010

Most Americans do not know that during hurricane Katrina the government in the form of police and National Guard went armed, house to house forcing people from their homes and confiscated all firearms.

Please click here to vote in the USA Today poll:  Yes or No. Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms? You bet your bootie it does and you better be willing to stand up for that right or lose it.

As I learned on Hawaii Free Press recently, a local group, Hawaii Concealed Carry, was formed this year to promote the safe and responsible bearing of firearms, working to assist in the restoration and exercise of their fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Hawaii residents are encouraged to apply to their local County Police departments for a permit to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, for the purpose of protecting yourself and your family. See pages 2 &3 of the Request Guide for the application requirements. Other states need to do likewise. Contact the National Rifle Association for more information.

Did you see the rioting in the streets in London earlier this week? You think this only happens in Greece, Ireland and London, England? Or that it can’t happen here in America? You’re wrong. Things are coming unglued. People who have been promised and given so much by the government for so long turn ugly when the government finally says,

“You know what? We can’t keep doing this. We’re out of money. The revenues coming in no longer cover what we have promised to give you. You are going to have pay and benefit cuts, you must contribute to your pensions and health care, and you can’t retire at 55. Tuition in state schools will go up. To receive welfare benefits you may have to show up and do volunteer or community work -pick up trash, man after school programs, drive the elderly to medical appointments.”

Etc, etc, etc. It’s called chickens coming home to roost. But it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Aloha, Mikie

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