Call Yourself a Conservative? Then Prove It!

October 31, 2011

And proving it won’t be voting for Mitt Romney any more than voting for John McCain did. The only good thing to come of his miserable candidacy was Sarah Palin (oh, and the slap upside the head when people finally figured out that ‘Hope & Change’). McCain was never a conservative, he was just the old guy Republican the GOP leaders foisted upon us. Today 70% of polled Republicans do not favor Mitt Romeny. He was a liberal governor of a liberal state (the most liberal state) and he authored Romneycare in Massachusetts.

Even not-so Sharpton calls Romney out!

Then why are the old guard Republicans (the national committee, RINOs and moderate Republicans) pushing Mitt Romney on us? And why are all these states advancing their primary debates? Because they want to shape the election and shorten the time frame for the 2nd tier candidates (Obama wasn’t even 2nd tier at this point in ’08) to build support.

Most of all, they don’t want a conservative (any more than they wanted Sarah Palin), they want a ‘big government’ guy who will be just like all the rest of them. This is what turns good candidates and voters off to politics. If you go with another big government guy there is no difference between the Dems and GOP. And BTW, if you had to venture a guess as to where the “un-sourced, anonymous” stories about Cain and sexual harassment came from, who would you point the finger at? I’m just asking.

The bigger point is, they favor a top-down, centrist government which can only come at the cost of our individual liberty. We need a conservative in favor of a smaller federal government, more states’ rights, fewer regulations and big time TAX REFORM! Ultimately, it may not be Herman Cain, but these are the ideals we should be looking for in a candidate to get America back to its greatness again.

Aloha, Mikie

The Donald Nails It

February 13, 2011

I like what Donald Trump says, but who could ever take him seriously as a presidential candidate with that hair-do? His handlers surely must have advised him to lose it, wouldn’t you think?

But hey, maybe the Donald doesn’t have handlers. That would be a plus on the ‘he’s genuine’ scale but still, I like what he says. He’s right on in regard to China:

  • They are making a laughing stock of America
  • They take our money (in trade), suck it out of us -then lend it back to us!
  • Their products are 100% inferior (remember the pet food, toothpaste, lead-tainted toys and jewelery, and bad drywall?)
  • They lie and cheat at the Olympic games
  • Their human rights and environmental record is a travesty, and
  • Trump would slap a 25% tax on all Chinese imports immediately to bring them to honest negotiations on the currency manipulation

Imagine the irony of Obama, last years Nobel Prize winner (yeah, go figure) rolling out the red carpet for Chinese President Hu, whos own Nobel Peace Prize winner is detained in prison!

And Trump is right, Ron Paul will never win the GOP nomination, despite winning the straw poll at CPAC for the 2nd year in a row. Paul’s winning appeal is that he talks honestly about the real issues most Americans care about (sounds like Palin -even though she’s not electable either). But Paul doesn’t believe he’ll get the nomination either.

His job and he’s great at it, is to raise the tough issues other candidates will only skirt around.

He’ll be great in the debates because he’ll force other candidates to go on record regarding these ‘land mine’ issues. BTW, Romney doesn’t have a chance either unless he convincingly denounces Romneycare (Obamacare light), which so far he hasn’t done.

Aloha, Mikie

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