Bad Governance Based on Good Intentions

May 23, 2018

You cannot get any more leftist, Dimocratic (not a typo!), progressive or re-distributive than Seattle, Washington, but this is really over the top. Hat-tip the Daily Wire from an article titled “How To Destroy a Major City”. Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks will soon be paying yet another punitive tax – a “head tax” a for every employee ($275) charged to major companies to combat homelessness. Talk about driving businesses away, what are they thinking? Amazon is now rethinking their plans for expansion into new areas. The City Council can’t get enough of citizens’ money to give to someone else. First it was the $15 minimum wage law and though the reported effects are mixed depending on who did the study, most restaurant owners admitted they did have to raise menu prices and add a service fees in order to keep hiring levels the same. Now Seattle is looking at another huge property tax increases after a 17% bump in 2017.

Meanwhile Seattle has spent billions on useless light rail that not enough commuters will ever use. By the way, the light in light rail refers to the very common low ridership. It’s great for shipping freight, but not people. Costs continue to exceed estimates and ridership nearly always underperforms. According The Hill,Trump’s preliminary budget in 2017 calls for eliminating all federal funding to Amtrak’s national network and $499 million in cuts from the TIGER grant program, which also funds passenger rail. On the other hand, those who support government rail claim to be about progress – yet in the case of passenger rail – they want the government to force taxpayers to subsidize an 18th century technology that more than 95 percent of motorists don’t want or use.

But back to the liberal destruction of major cities. They also waste money on such things as bike lanes and rental bike programs that continually fail. Free (no such thing!) preschool is never far from their lips and free community college tuition to high school graduates is another feel-good favorite. This folks is how you destroy a major city. 48% of Americans in a recent poll were in favor of a guaranteed minimum wage. They point to Finland, but what they don’t say is that Finland has scrapped the idea after 2 years. This will destroy our country. If you think socialism is a good idea please get the hell out and go to Cuba or Venezuela where they have lots of good ideas like this.

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