Our Tax Dollars Incentivizing Jihadi Survivor Payments To The Palestinian Authority

April 27, 2017

Fact #1 The US federal government currently gives the Palestinian Authority more than $300 million in aid a year.

Fact #2:  The Palestinian Authority pays the families of terrorists and their survivors about that same amount, which amounts to approximately 7% of its annual budget. This is pure incentive to murder!

Fact #3:  Taylor Force, a West Point graduate who served in Afghanistan & Iraq died as a result of a brutal stabbing that also severely wounded 10 others.

Fact #4:  Bashar Masalha, the murderer was given a hero’s funeral & glorified as a martyr. His family, as is the custom will be paid an annual stipend greater than the average Palestinian earns.

Fact #5:  During the Obama era, U.S. payments to the Palestinians have averaged around $400 million per year. Under Obama the Taylor Force bill failed to receive a vote in either chamber.

For the Force family this is personal. Their 28 yr-old son, Taylor a tourist in Tel Aviv was stabbed to death while walking along the Mediterranean boardwalk promenade with friends on March 8, 2016. Luckily, the Israeli police shot Masalha to death. They don’t pussy-foot around like our mainstream media and so many pc politicians (“Gee, we don’t really know if this was an act of terror or not”), nevertheless Masalha’s family is set and will receive blood money annually.
A congressional bill called the Taylor Force Act if passed would cut off all US aid to the Palestinians it does not stop the payments. Lindsey Graham is the main sponsor in this bill (-for once he is doing the right thing and not criticizing other Republicans with his BFF, Senator John McCain).
Hopefully with our pro-Israel President, this time the Taylor Force Act will pass.

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