Honokohau Parking Gone Wild!

May 1, 2010

Did you say, ‘Cheerleaders Gone Wild’? Oh no, that’s something else and a lot more fun. This is dead serious. Here’s an update on the proposed fees at the Honokohau Harbor in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

In my Silence is Consent post, I mentioned the State of Hawaii, like all over-extended entitlement and public-employee sugar daddy states in the country, are up against the wall finding the till empty and fewer and fewer people or entities they can squeeze more money out of.

But Hawaii has been at this a long time and they are desperate and inventive, so the DLNR (Dept of Land & Natural Resources) has come up with parking fees at Honokohau Harbor.

The powers that be in Hawaii are in Honolulu -5 islands NW of the Big Island (counting the uninhabited island of Kaho’olawe). So even though you know what (rhymes with spit . . . ;>) flows downhill, it’s a lot easier to impose fines and take the heat from a distance. How ridiculous are the proposed fees. Take a look:

  • 40¢/hour for general public with no time limit (but are you going to go for a couple of fish tacos at $2.50 a pop and pay 40¢/hour to park? Probably not.
  • $1.00/day not to exceed $25/month for crew of the boats -if they’re willing to walk between a block and 4 blocks away from the boats!
  • $90/month for crew who wish to park next to their boats
  • $90/month for employees (directly impacting business owners who cannot pass this on to their workers)
  • $25/month stickers/boat (limited to two) to park anywhere in the harbor
  • $10/for a 24-hour pass for slip owners to have for guests (paying customers!)

Ed Underwood, administrator of the Dept. of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR) strongly believes the parking fees can and should be implemented quickly to solve the Dept’s $200,000 deficit.

THE BOTTOM LINE – Ed Underwood and (DOBOR) does not believe that the Parking Fee will be a burden on harbor users, business owners, tourists or anyone else that uses the harbor. If we are to change their minds it has to be in this area.

If you are concerned about the steep and sudden fees soon to be imposed on the harbor please get involved. You can do it here with this simple/sample letter with email addresses of the key people.

Aloha, Mikie

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Silence Is Consent!

April 14, 2010

Today’s post is up close and personal and I apologize to those not personally involved, but it’s the same recipe for disaster that is going on for all of you on the local, State and Federal level no matter where you are, so maybe it will inspire you too.

Silence is Consent

Here is the email I just sent to officials in our State and local government after reading a letter to our editor in this morning’s paper from Jill Jermann, co-owner with her husband Dave of Pacific Rim Fishing Supplies regarding instituting new and clostly parking fees for all business owners, boat captains and their customers. It will include all the 200 or so small businesses (and their employees and patrons) at our small boat harbor. Simply outrageous.

Jill supplied the email addresses and I urge you to send the same or similar letter to them too. No need to recreate the wheel, cut and paste these email addresses and tweak the letter to your desire.

ed.r.underwood@hawaii.gov; Laura.thielen@hawaii.gov; dennycoffman@dennycoffman.org; gov@hawaii.gov;ltgov@hawaii.gov; andy.j.smith@hawaii.gov; sengreen@capitol.hawaii.gov; rob@hawaii-forest.com; senkokubun@Capitol.hawaii.gov; repevans@Capitol.hawaii.gov; nancy.e.murphy@hawaii.gov

Here’s the letter:

“I cannot believe you have thought this through. Parking fees at Honokohou Harbor will instantly put every small business OUT OF BUSINESS (as well as impacting their suppliers customers and employees). You will add to the unemployment numbers and be going in the wrong direction.

When will you guys get it??? You have to cut spending. You cannot keep raising fees to accomplish your needed revenue.

Cut taxes and fees
Reduce red tape and requirements to encourage and support businesses.
No saving special funds and vacant positions

It’s quite simple. I vote and I am not happy!”

Remember – Silence is Consent and we can no longer remain silent!

Aloha, Mikie

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