From Zero to Seven, A Christmas Feel-Good Story

December 25, 2017

People are actually very generous. This Florida couple who were until then childless, adopted 7 siblings to keep the kids together.

Sofia and Dashoan, both veterans who served overseas in Iraq, make their home in Marianna, Florida. DaShoan is a high school teacher and coach. Sofia is a social worker. Necia, the oldest of the bunch commented, “I was hoping that it could happen, so it’s like a dream come true.” Eric, another of the seven said he and some of his siblings had been separated for so long that his memories of some of them had started to slip.

“I never actually had a mom and dad under the same roof, but it feels great,” said Eric. “It’s like they’re both half of something, like peanut butter and jelly.”

This entire family is having a great and unexpected Christmas this year as a complete family! If I had one wish that could be fulfilled for this Christmas it would be for families to stay together, for fathers to take care of their children and for kids to respect their parents. Whoops, I guess that was 3 wishes.

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