Could this be the solution to homelessness in our cities?

August 23, 2020

One half of the entire country’s homeless population lives in California, but the ravages of homelessness have taken over many, many of our U.S. cities. Once city governments decided to not enforce the law, particularly civil penalties and petty misdemeanors things pretty much went to hell in a hand basket.

In the last paragraph and at around 44 minutes in the video you can see what Providence, Rhode Island is doing to combat this problem.

Since Prop 47 passed in California anything below $950 keeps the crime a misdemeanor — and likely means the thieves face no pursuit and no punishment. How do you think this model would work in your own family with your kids? Businesses large and small lose $Millions a year to theft. It’s a major problem.

This documentary highlighting Seattle is over a year old, before CHAZ, the The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone took over several square blocks in Seattle to protest I’m not sure what; it’s before Antifa & Black Lives Matter made sure Portland was no longer suitable for people or businesses, and I am sure it’s much worse today.

But one city, Providence, Rhode Island may have found a way to protect society and help the addicted homeless and mentally ill people living on the streets. Providence decided on enforcement and intervention (what a concept!). No more ‘catch and release’ of drugged, diseased criminals over-running the city streets causing businesses & families to flee. The non-profit codac has been around for fifty years, but the State of Rhode Island hired them to work inside the prisons. They distribute to all inmates under their MAT program (Medical Assisted Treatment) one of 3 medications -all opiate blockers, along with counseling and treatment to give many of these people their lives back and give the city streets back to the taxpaying citizens. These meds will be needed for the rest of their lives much like high blood pressure medicine or insulin. This is a formula that works much better than completely ignoring the problem which as far as I can tell nearly every single city in America is doing.

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