The “Dug-In” Left Either Doesn’t Get It, or Refuses to Get It

March 18, 2017

They refuse to get it. They keep on doing what cost them the election. They divide us on every possible level, gender, race, income, religion and of course politics. Following are three great examples.

           Target stock takes a hit

According to Target’s stock value fell by 13.5%, after their totally ‘progressive, makes no sense’ stance on Transgender bathrooms. And let’s be truthful here. Transgenders cross-dressing have been going into the “wrong” bathrooms for ages, but nobody knew it. But by legitimizing  males who identify as females to openly enter women’s restrooms or school locker rooms of public schools and businesses they have crossed the line (pun intended). They’re endangering little girls by allowing not only transgenders but also sexual perverts and pedophiles into the same place your young daughter goes to the bathroom. Open season. Target being run by lib-tards couldn’t figure out the ramifications of this. But their customers sure did. People don’t like this crap. In fact, truthfully honest transgender people would tell you don’t like it either. Target took a big hit in supporting just 0.3% of the population, but lefties don’t make sense and I’m glad their stupid ideology has hit them in the pocketbook.

Next on the lineup is the drop in Starbuck’s brand perception after they announced a plan to hire refugees. Yep that’s right On January 29, 2017, Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz announced that the company would implement a five-year plan to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide. I’m pretty sure one of the hot buttons with folks with regard to all the refugees and illegal aliens is that they adversely affect jobs. But Starbucks like Target feels the need to exert their liberal views publicly without realizing it hurts business when they slam the citizens who make up the bulk of their customers. Lefty Schulz did this in response to Trump’s temporary halt on immigrants from countries with terrorism iss-yous, if you know what I mean, while American citizens, particularly veterans, were being ignored. Ya think?

Wendy’s is not so “old-fashioned” that they won’t go to robots

Finally Wendy’s has announced that 16 percent of its nationwide locations will install self-service ordering kiosks by the end 2017. Why on earth would they do that? Because they found a way around going out of business by having to pay minimally skilled workers $15/hour for no-brainer jobs that, guess what? – machines could do. No benefits required. No more worries about employees coming to work late or not at all, no more paperwork required by the feds for every employee robbing the bottom line and costing production. Problem solved. Take that you mindless social justice warriors! This is not rocket science, but apparently our schools and colleges are far from producing rocket scientists or any other type of critical thinking beings and most likely they will continue down this road.

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