The Canoe Could Capsize

March 7, 2011

Hawaii’s new governor likes to talk about shared sacrifice and working together to solve our fiscal problems, saying

“The truth is that the canoe, which is our beloved Hawaii could capsize.”

You got that right, the canoe could capsize but it’s from the overload of bull-crap he continues to shovel at us. But you voted for him. At least enough of you did to get him elected (he won 58% of the vote). But we know to watch what politicians do, rather than what they promise -or we should.

Yep, he campaigned on not raising taxes and then did so as soon as he could by passing an increase on liquor. And with a huge budget shortfall and a grossly underfunded Employee Retirement System he now proposes a soda tax, more alcohol tax, increase in timeshare tax and doing away with the deduct-ability of state income tax (among the nation’s highest peaking at 11%). In this film clip you see him jump all over Rep. Barbara Marumoto for her honest concern for those on fixed income whose pensions he will tax, at the same time saying taxpayers will now cover 60% of state workers health care premiums (up from 40%).

He will increase in the State GE Tax despite saying he would not during the election. According to Hawaii’s lone Republican Senator, in Hawaii Reporter, Sam Slom believes other tax proposals will come up as the legislature gets down to the wire and that the governor didn’t go nearly far enough to reduce government spending and government debt.

Maybe Abercrombie as a U.S. Congressional retiree (now enjoying the generous federal government pension plan-based on 1.5% of his highest paid salary year times nearly 20 years of service with full medical coverage) would like to contribute his salary as Governor to help keep our canoe afloat.

Aloha, Mikie

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