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December 21, 2018

Hat-tip American Thinker, more precisely, Howard Sachs from his article, The Anatomy of an American Jewish Deplorable from which most of this blog post was taken, lifted, borrowed. Sachs is a constitutional conservative, non-orthodox Jew who pulled the lever hard and strong for President Trump and can’t understand the vast majority of his non-orthodox Jewish kin behave the way they do.

“Most live in the tragically narrow intellectual bubble of leftist/liberal-progressive-Democrat-L.A.-Upper West Side-Bethesda-MSNBC-NPR-Hollywood-academia”.

The Democratic Party, for all purposes, has abandoned all three of the core values of America:  Liberty, E Pluribus Unum, and In God We Trust. And, in fact, actively works daily to destroy each of these values. When has a vote by Democrats in Congress increased our liberty by even a minuscule amount?

Instead we now have a Leviathan-sized federal government, this unconstitutional fourth branch of government, and in blue states, the iron-fisted rule of the State lording it over every nook and cranny of our lives.

You will bake that cake; hand me loads of your private property in taxes; buy the health care plan I demand; pay for abortions I deem right; burn the fuel I want burned; define marriage as I see proper; go to the government school I want; save for retirement as I allow; drive the car I see fit; hand over the gun I don’t like; build your houses as I deem right; pay your employees how much I order; run your businesses, schools, and universities how I demand; and on and on.” 

Why do Jews, orthodox or otherwise, or anyone for that matter remain Democrats? I still cannot figure it out.

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