The “C” Word Back In Vogue

December 12, 2016

Words have meaning. The progs on the left have been hijacking our language for a long time, but we’ve got to put a stop to it!

Here’s what I suggest when store clerks or restaurant servers say “Happy Holidays”. Tell them, very politely of course, Oh, I much prefer “Merry Christmas”! And if you really want to set them straight, say AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Right this very minute, the unACLU (unAmerican Civil Liberties Union) is suing the small town of Knightstown, IN over a cross sitting atop the town’s Christmas tree! Can’t they just leave us alone and assume if we’re not cutting someone’s head off, we’re not offending them? Oh yeah, I almost forgot it’s the other side doing the beheading.

The ACLU sued on behalf of resident Joseph Tompkins, saying the tree cross “violates his First Amendment rights guaranteeing separation of church and state” and demanding the cross’ removal and payment of damages to Tompkins for being “forced to come into direct and unwelcome contact with the cross display” daily, the local radio station reported. Obviously Joe doesn’t know the Constitution or the First Amendment. No where in the Constitution is there any guaranty of a separation of church and state. No where.

Luckily the small town of Knightstown got the message from Trump:  We’re not playing the PC game anymore and we’re allowed to say Merry Christmas again. And hundreds of residents in Knightstown are fighting back, having placed crosses in their yards, stores, windows — and, yes, their cars.

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