It Doesn’t Really Matter Who Won & Here Is All You Need To Know

November 14, 2012

I’ve been silent since the day before the election and every day since. In fact the jig has been up for a long time with really no possible way out. Santa Claus winning instead of Romney will only accelerate the time line.

Let this be the start of your education in how the world turns out. You cannot change the outcome, but you will have some choices and possibly be able to position yourselves somewhat better than those who want to keep their heads in the sand, watching the garbage puked out at us by the alphabet media. Hell- even Fox and all the right leaning pundits. Same smell. Stop watching a month or so see if anything looks like progress when you turn the garbage back on. HOPE, NOPE, DOPE.

Tell me if you can what the difference is between Harry Reid and say Speaker of the House, John Boehner. YOU CANNOT because there really isn’t any difference. Sure Boner may say it (lie to your face) somewhat more palatable than Dirt-bag Harry, but it’s really ONLY about them holding to their power and fleecing the rest of us as they line their pockets and take care of their elite brethren.

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