Most of them really are Communists

October 5, 2019

One nation under Democrat demolition. I have pointed out before (hat-tip Trevor Loudon) the scary high number of Socialists & Communists in our government. It used to be sort of under the radar, but with the likes of Bernie Sanders -who tries to soften the edges of his communism be calling it “Democratic Socialism”, and AOC along with most of the candidates running for president on the Democrat side, it’s becoming more apparent that they completely want to dismantle capitalism in the name of equality.

This from the Foundation for Economic Freedom:  Personal freedom thrives in capitalism, declines in government-regulated economies, and vanishes in communism. What is the Democrat Party trying to do more than anything? Gain more control over us. They tell us what kind of cars we can drive by forcing the car companies to produce many, many more electric cars that the market really wants. They force “meatless Mondays” on us. They threaten to do away with all fossil fuels (while attached to every form of electronic device and flying to and fro in private jets). They have determined what kind of light bulbs we can buy, what kind of health insurance, or now tell us private health insurance needs to go away so we can have “Medicare for All.” More government control.

And all the while they are telling us we don’t need God. They discriminate against Christians but give every opportunity to Muslims in the name of diversity. The teaching of morals or any reverence for a higher being has been eliminated from schools and the public square. Why? Because they, the government elites, want to replace God with themselves. And the cretins in the 116th Congress are going a good job of it. Take a look.

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