This is not your father’s Democratic Party

December 6, 2018

Communists and socialists are now the majority of the new Democratic Party. If you hadn’t already figured this out, we are looking forward to the most radical Democratic Party in history with the incoming freshman congressmen & women. Hat-tip AMAC, the conservative competition to AARP.

“The Congressional Progressive Caucus is by far the largest and most influential coalition in the federal government. It is also the most radical, having extensive ties to several major Marxist organizations.”

There will be an influx of far-left Democrats as a result of the recent midterm elections and they’ve made a deal with the devil. Nancy Pelosi has promised the Progressive Caucus more seats on powerful committees and more influence over legislation in exchange for their supporting her speaker-ship. Many of the newcomers had vowed to get rid of the old guard “establishment” party members and had publicly stated they would not vote for Pelosi for the Speaker position. But Pelosi’s not dumb and in order to keep the very powerful leadership position she’s promised progressive House leaders more power in the next Congress.

Here are some of the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (past & present):  Keith Ellison (Muslim & domestic abuser), Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sheila Jackson Lee, Andre Carson (Muslim), Tulsi Gabbard, Hank Johnson (who was worried Guam may capsize!), Ted Lieu, Jerrold Nadler (you’ll hear a lot from him), Elijah Cummings, Ilhan Omar (another Muslim who married her brother to help him immigrate to the US), Rashida Tlaib (another Muslim who celebrated her election wearing a Palestinian flag scarf), and Ayanna Pressley to name a few. There will be 98 of them total. Oh and BTW did I mention they are all Anti-Israel? Oh yes!

Get ready to hear a lot more about catastrophic climate change, Medicare for All, guaranteed minimum income, and any number of other bat-sh*t crazy ideas they have in store for us. About 40 percent of the entire Democratic Caucus is now made of these progressive House members. The upcoming 116th Congress will bring the Progressive Caucus to the peak of its power, simultaneously increasing the influence of its allies in the U.S. communist and socialist movements.

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