Not to Beat a Dead Horse, But Look What the Jury Didn’t Know

August 1, 2013

How much truth can we stand? I thought I was finished with the Trayvon Martin spectacle, but then I saw this.

Can there be justice in this country when the Attorney General (the only one in U.S. history to serve after being found in contempt of Congress); an obviously racist president and; a media so in the bag ideologically they will lie, cheat and cover for them to the extent that the meaning of journalism is dead?

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Congratulations To All Fathers Who Act Like Fathers. It’s a Tough Job

June 16, 2013

stk32661wafFatherhood is tougher day by day. The government instead of celebrating intact families encourages & rewards bad behavior by fathers. The unspoken but well known message is that the government will step in and feed & house your kids should you not do your job. The government will pay the mother of your child to make up for your failures.

“Nearly 80 percent of long term child poverty occurs in broken or never-married families.”

Maybe I could more easily get on board in my enthusiasm of Planned Parenthood if their main business were not abortion to the tune of $542 million in taxpayer dollars by way of government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements, and instead offered a broader approach such as voluntary referrals to programs providing life-planning, marriage, and relationship training, to those who are interested and encourage young adult women to delay childbirth and to develop stable marital relationships before bringing children into the world.

Maybe it’s just me, but given the choice as a kid of which father image or memory I would prefer it would be this, not this.

You think young Titus is gonna go bad down the road having this kind of love and attention from a dedicated father? No, me either. Think about it dads, you can make all the difference, in fact one way or the other you do make the difference. And done well, it could likely be the biggest joy of you life.

Step up, take responsibility, be a dad to ALL your children. Kids excel with self-confidence. It’s not that hard. Work everyday to give your kids self-confidence, teach them right from wrong and the joy of a job well done, and watch them thrive and bloom! We’re all better for it.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Agenda Driven Mainstream Media Coughs Up Lame Apology Re Doctored 911 Call

May 17, 2012

What? Uncovered information withheld from George Zimmerman’s defense team? Information like the autopsy reporting traces of the drug THC in Martin’s blood and urine, injury to Martin’s knuckles and a medical report from George Zimmerman’s physician showing Zimmerman suffered a broken nose, 2 black eyes and cuts to the back of his head. How could anyone be shocked with the bias seen so far seen in this case? But I was surprised to learn barely anyone knows that to date THREE NBC employees have been fired for cooking the books in the Trayvon Martin story.

Zimmerman mis-labeled ‘white’ to further the race divide

Tell me the mainstream media doesn’t have an agenda. By cooking, I mean “deceptively editing audio” from the 911 call on the night of the killing to intentionally portray Zimmerman (who was repeatedly referred to BTW, as “white” in those early reports) as racially profiling Martin that night.

NBC’s latest casualty, Lilia Luciano, was a national correspondent for the Today show, the Nightly News with Brian Williams and, MSNBC.

Oh sure NBC apologized, but only after being hammered for unprofessional journalism on Bill O’Reilly’s show first. And not on-air for the viewers mind you, but in a watered down emailed statement to The Hollywood Reporter. That should tell you something about the incestuous relationship between supposedly neutral news outlets and the uber-left Hollywood crowd.

Other less than impartial examples in the MSM:

  • NBC’s Jimmy Fallon’s rude musical message as the band played “Lyin Ass Bitch” to Michele Bachmann’s entry on his show
  • Chelsea Clinton hired as a Special Correspondent on NBC
  • Race-baiter, Al Sharpton on MSNBC
  • CBS News anchor Dan Rather fired for lying about President Bush’s military record
  • CNN’s Octavia Nasr, a native of Lebanon fired for tweeting her mourning in the death of a known Hezbollah terrorist
  • ESPN edits “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during the U.S. Open Golf Championship in 2011.

I’m jes sayin’ with this election coming up, you gotta take everything with about a ton of salt.

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~Remember:  The government has NO resources. They produce NOTHING. They can only take from one group and give to others they feel more worthy of their largess (and votes). Push for tax reform.

Jesse Hi-Jackson & Al Not-So-Sharpton Pushing the Racial Divide?

March 26, 2012

I’ll betcha most people would never guess who said this (hat tip Daily Caller):

“His family (Trayvon Martin’s) should be outraged at the fact that they’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions.”

It was Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant, calling the duo “race hustlers acting like buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy”.

And he’s right on Jackson. These two bad actors are so predictable it’s sickening. Any time something like this happens, the very next looped sound-bite will be one or the other (or both) of these guys spreading the luv.

C.L. Bryant calls a spade a spade when he opines that the epidemic is truly ‘black on black’ crime.

“Why not be angry about the wholesale murder that goes on in the streets of Newark and Chicago?” he asked. “Why isn’t somebody angry about that six-year-old girl who was killed on her steps last weekend in a cross fire when two gang members in Chicago start shooting at each other? Why is there no outrage about that?” Or the straight-A student beat to death outside his inner city high school?

The tragedy here is that instead of a real problem being addressed, it will again be turned into a campaign issue. “If you don’t re-elect Obama you will have unbridled events or circumstances like this happening in the streets to young men wearing hoodies.”

You got to get past the sound-bites and look around at what’s happening.

Aloha, Mikie

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