Seal Team-6 Scores Again While TSA Continues Their Kabuki Dance of Security & Protection

January 26, 2012

Ray-rah, go Seal Team-6! Another daring feat by our American Navy Seals. Two aid workers, one American and a Dane kidnapped in October by Somali terror group Al-Shabab were rescued by the Seals this week.

Who is Al-Shabab? An Islamic terror group who’s stated aim according to The Daily Beast, is to overthrow the government of Somalia and impose its strict version of Islam. It has also declared war on the UN and Western non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as evidenced by these recent kidnappings. And they have been the most successful group at recruiting the youth of America and Canada.

Meanwhile the TSA and our ‘bass-akward’ Department of Homeland Security insists on random screening at the airports, harassing those frightful U.S. Senators, young children or the elderly in wheelchairs in the kabuki dance of protection and security.

It’s crazy. They should be profiling -there I said it, and I’m not original in this thinking. This is not rocket science.

Homeland Security need not apply

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