Today (hat-tip The Daily Signal) Republican Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation making Wisconsin the nation’s 25th Right-to-Work state. Yea governor! Remember, Wisconsin is one of the bluest of blue states (heavily Democratic, liberal progs who are union entrenched) so this is quite an achievement. In non-Right-to-Work states if only 51% of workers vote to unionize, 100% of employees must pay dues in perpetuity. Obviously businesses are more likely to locate in R-t-W states because the unions are less likely to target companies with satisfied workers.

DS wisconsin 25th RTW stateI started paying more attention to Right-to-Work issues in 2011 when Boeing opened their Dreamliner plant in North Charleston, SC in a protest move (that made good business sense) after the workforce refused to an agreement by the unionized company, that they could not strike for 10 years. South Carolina got the plant and created some 3,800 new jobs!

Naturally the National Labor Relations Board (controlled by Democrats) sued Boeing charging unfair labor practices. The NLRB (“National Labor Retaliation Bullies” later dropped the suit after Boeing agreed to build another plant in Washington. So who won? Well anytime workers are not forced to fork over union dues when they don’t see benefits from the union or more likely, when they don’t have any say in how the unions spend that dues money, it’s a good thing.

As more and more states feel the weight of their unfunded pension liabilities we will see more and more Right-to-Work States.