Keep The PRESSURE ON MONSANTO. This Melding of State & Corrupt Corporations Has Got to Stop

June 3, 2013

May 24th marked an international protest against Monsanto in 0ver 400 cities in 52 countries. It’s working, but we must keep the pressure on. Monsanto seems to have been knocked back in Europe as more and more information and data becomes available and public awareness increases.

Feeding the flames of protest, the USDA recently confirmed finding “unapproved” genetically modified wheat mysteriously growing on a farm in Oregon. Of course the Agricultural Dept says the wheat is safe to eat.GMOBanana_zps30446213

We do not know how safe GMO foods and ingredients are because Monsanto controls the data and funds most of the studies. They give mega-bucks to University Ag departments and politicians all over the world.

Consider that Japan & Europe banned the importation of American rice in 2006 after much of the long-grained rice crop had been GMO contaminated. The company that time was not Monsanto, but Bayer CropScience -a competitor of Monsanto (hat-tip Zero Hedge). Rice is small potatoes (no pun intended) compared to wheat, but Japan & Korea have already announced suspension of wheat imports. Remember what mad cow disease did to beef exports?

Oh and BTW, how do you think super-bugs in hospitals came into being? Overuse of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. Is anyone surprised that “super-weeds” have evolved and circumvented the “Round-up readiness” of GMO seeds? How will we kill them? More poisons? Too many questions, not enough solid, truthful information.

A simple first step requested by citizens all over is labeling, just like fat or protein –let the consumers decide. Our state legislature in Hawaii voted down GMO labeling last session singing the Monsanto mantra that it would be “too costly and would kill the cupcake shop down the street”. The real truth is labeling would kill GMOs because people read labels and GMOs are in nearly everything. Take a look and see what you’re already eating!

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