Valparaiso, Chile -Colorful City Of A Million Stairs

February 21, 2018

Valparaiso is often compared to San Francisco and after having just spent a week there I can see the comparison. Both are sea-coast towns on the Pacific Ocean with lots of good seafood. Both are known for their artsy-fartsy feel and both have a lot of very steep roads.

But “Valpo” as some refer to the Chilean city (pop ~250,000), is way more hilly than San Francisco and must have a million stairs.The artsy part of artsy-fartsy is everywhere with some of the most colorful street art seen anywhere. They paint most any broad, flat surface as well as many of the stairways, the houses or whatever suits their fancy.

A mural across the road from our hotel

The view from the lanai of our hotel

The city itself is one big beautiful pallet.

It’s always interesting, but what goes down must go back up and after a week here you are either dead of a coronary or much stronger for it. We are stronger but will not miss the endless stair climbing and steep streets.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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Lunch In Mercado Cardonal

February 19, 2018

Every city has their central market or Mercado Central. The bigger the city the bigger the Mercado, but even smaller towns always have at least the fruit & veggie vendors. In Valparaiso it’s a big one, about 2 square blocks and it’s called Mercado Cardonal.

We had a late breakfast at the hotel and did not plan on eating at the market, but the entire 2nd floor is restaurants and we happened across fresh mussels (mejillones in Spanish), which Mickey loves, so lunch it was.

Empanada of the fried variety

I wasn’t hungry but ended up having a crab & cheese empanada. They are a common snack or light meal sold off carts in the street, small kiosks and restaurants everywhere.

They have a lot of different type of fillings; meat, onions & potatoes, meat & cheese, different types of seafood etc. Most that we’ve seen however looked to be sort of dry and unappealing but they’re sold everywhere so I decided to try one. I’m glad I did too! There are 2 types. Either baked in an oven or fried. I had the “frito” variety.

We finished up our Mercado adventure buying some limes & raisins, then took a “collectivo” which is a cab shared by as many people who can fit, all paying individually (very cheap), back to a more central location where we could walk the rest of the way.

Aloha, Mikie

~just a blogger, fighting like a girl!


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