Thank You John McCain, Lindsey Graham & All The Rest of Obama’s Useful Idiots

April 4, 2013
Syrian rebel

These weapons supplied to Syrian rebels WILL be used against USA

Golly gee, I just can’t imagine why the White House has announced after President B. Assad (B stands for bastard) has already decimated the Syrian population by an estimated 93,000 in the past 3 years or so, that it’s now time to aid the “rebels” fighting to overthrow the Assad regime.

Wag the dog much? I mean let’s do anything to take American minds off a few things that have been popping up lately with “whack-a-mole” regularity:

  • The State Dept’s utter failure to protect our Embassy in an Islamic country on the anniversary of 9/11 in Libya & Tripoli
  • The Apparent “hands-off, STAND DOWN” order given which could have saved American lives in Benghazi.
  • Then the altered talking points and constant lying about what happened to hide what looks like secret gun-running to Syria
  • NSA spying on ALL Americans for at least 7 years
  • IRS targeting political enemies
  • Tapping news outlet’s phone lines
  • Sexual abuse in the Military and cover-up from the highest ranks
  • Eric Holder’s serial perjury (Fast & Furious and AP & Fox News phone & email sweeps)
  • Sexual peccadilloes in the State Department -and the cover-up
  • Secret emails by high government aides to avoid transparency

So hey, let’s go to war, waste so more money we’ve got so much these days, oh and the treatment waiting time for veterans has only increased 2000% in the last four years. It seems we can no longer afford to cook hot meals for our troops in Afghanistan, so hell yes let’s start up the great industrial/military complex and sacrifice a few more. Will it be hundreds or thousands of young men & women serving our country so selflessly?

BTW, is there any doubt whatsoever that these weapons will be used against Americans? Does anyone remember Egypt or Libya?? Duh! and don’t forget the weapons we supplied the Afghans in their war with the Ruskies. Didn’t we see a lot of those weapons turned on us years later? I say let the savages have at each other and stay out of it!

This Sunni-Shia war will never end!

And the RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are so out of touch with reality they think this is a good idea. I’d personally rather see their efforts and good will spent right here at home securing the damn border, but they’re both vote-grabbing idiots who think giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is the right thing to do. Give me a break!

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