With the wind at his back

June 26, 2018

The Supreme Court today announced their ruling on President Trump’s travel ban, leaving egg on the face of Hawaii (and more specifically, Attorney General Doug Chin who lead the country in challenging President Trump’s authority to institute the ban. The decision came down 5/4 upholding the restricted travel from eight Muslim-majority countries (out of over 50 by the way). If it had been anti-Muslim bias wouldn’t he have included all Muslim-majority countries? And why would Venezuela be on the list?

Trump is vindicated saying,

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a tremendous victory for the American People and the Constitution.”

According to Breitbart.com, Trump also recommitted his promise to defend the United States and vowed to fight for a secure immigration system. His stand on immigration is likely the single biggest issue that won him the presidency. Remember when X-President Obama told President Elect Trump that North Korea would be his biggest problem? No thanks to him and many previous presidents who did nothing but placate and appease “Rocket-man”. But it truly seems the Donald has a handle on that problem or at least is working toward a lasting solution. I just read yesterday that Kim Jong-un in a sign of détente has cancelled an annual “anti-US imperialism” rally marking the start of the Korean War. The month of anti-US Korean War-focused events designed to strengthen nationalism and unity. Now it seems he is wisely more interested in making friends with the USA. He is a dictator, a liar and a thug and most certainly a human-rights abuser, but the whole USA-Korea thing doesn’t seem like the near disaster it was a month ago.

But immigration and everything having to do with visas, the border, etc., is way outta hand. With today’s Supreme Court ruling and the wind at his back, I think Trump’s next move should be to halt all border crossings for as long as it takes for Congress to do their job and clean it up. In The Hill this morning Trump said of all the things we inherited, immigration makes the least sense. It is a hodge-podge of laws put together over years and years.

“We have to change it. It’s so simple:  It’s called, ‘I’m sorry you can’t come in’. You have to go in through a legal process.”

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