Don’t Rock The Boat Baby

April 26, 2011

How can it be that the Westboro Baptist Church is guaranteed First Amendment rights to demonstrate their hateful attitudes some would call hate speech, outside private funerals while Pastor Terry Jones cannot demonstrate outside a Mosque in Dearborn, Michigan against what he calls

“the rise of Sharia law“?

No women drivers, no gay parades, no ham & cheese, no prom night, no alcohol -basically no rights at all.

Okay, I’ll take a stab at it. Political correctness and appeasement? Ya think? What the city of Dearborn and Wayne County are afraid of is the anticipated roudy behavior of Dearborn’s Muslim population. Can you blame them? No, but this still does not justify stripping Jones of his constitutional right to free speech.

What about the rallies held by the Congress of Arab American Organizations all the time at the Dearborn city hall supporting Hezbollah and its rocket attacks on Israel? Are they denied this assembly of free speech? The answer is No.

The bond Jones and Sapp refused to post, a seemingly symbolic $1 bond came with conditions prohibiting Jones from going to the mosque or adjacent property for three years. But the other thing I cannot understand is how they put a jury together so fast. I’m not sure Jones could get a fair trial in Dearborn with its huge Muslim population.

Interestingly enough even the ACLU sees this as an infringement of Jones’ constitutional rights too:

“It is unconstitutional for the government to put a price on free speech in anticipation of what others may do,” said Rana Elmir, a spokeswoman for the ACLU of Michigan.

Freaking unreal! Drip, drip, drip down the drain goes our freedom.

Aloha, Mikie

When Free Speech Isn’t

March 15, 2011

Good little Christian soldiers?

The Westboro Baptist Church had their day in court and won. Now emboldened by the Supreme Court 8-1 decision upholding their protests and actions as free speech, they vow to quadruple their protests at military funerals. As much as I hate giving Westboro Baptist free license to continue their vile messages of hate, it’s nice to see the Supreme Court upholding the Constitution.

WBC hates the military, gays, Jews, the Academy Awards, and among many others -Elizabeth Edwards who after her son died, had in vitro fertilization!

Nor do I like to see some imbecile burn the Stars & Stripes, but that’s what makes America great. We have the right to say those things in the name of the First Amendment- okay, maybe except for Representative Peter King who took a lot of heat for holding the House hearings on the Radicalization of American Muslims last week. Certain members of his own committee, many Democrats, and liberals all over the place labeled him racist and showed utmost disrespect for those Muslim Americans who did come forward giving very compelling and moving testimony regarding their children who had been recruited and radicalized through Mosques in America.

Oh yes, there’s also that free speech case lingering in Detroit, Geller Vs. Detroit where the City of Detroit caved to Islamic pressure and refuses to run paid advertisements on city buses shown below. Apostates (those who leave Islam) are commanded to death in the Qur’an and the law of Islam recognizes no national borders. This ad is sorta like those giving refuge from domestic abuse, but so far the city of Detroit won’t allow them. What happened to free speech there?

Detroit has the largest Muslim population in the USA and refuses to run these ads

Aloha, Mikie

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