Why I’m Not on Facebook

March 1, 2015

not on facebookHow many ways can one describe their gender or sexual orientation? Call me old-school, the simple M or F, works just fine for me. But ok, this is the 21st century and I’ve evolved and I know all about LGBT, gay marriage, civil unions, transgender bathrooms, etc. But really, 58 gender options available on Facebook? Oh wait, that’s not even right. Facebook found that even 58 gender options was too limiting. They’ve added an “other” box where you can write in anything you like. Just like the old Army’s slogan:¬† Be all that you can be!

So in case you’re wondering what they are and what they mean, here you go! Here’s a sampling and you can use up to ten in your profile.

  • Agender/neutrois – people who don’t identify with any gender
  • Gender Fluid – feel free to express both male & female¬†characteristics
  • Gender Questioning – for people who are still trying to figure out where they fit on the axes of sex and gender
  • Neither – confused
  • Two-spirit – refers to gender-variant Native Americans

I know, but let’s face it you have to dig pretty deep to come up with more than 58 options. Some of them are bound to be really out there!

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