Governor Walker’s Accomplishments Portend Victory In Wisconsin

June 3, 2012

I like that Scott Walker is the first Wisconsin governor in 64 years without a university degree and admitted to a 2.59 GPA when he left Marquette University one semester shy of a bachelor’s degree. I’ll take that any day over the imposter we now have in the White House. Chuck Norris has chimed in too throwing his support behind Walker, calling Walker’s recall the OK Corral for Democrats.

With all eyes on Wisconsin and the recall election outcome less than 48 hours away, we have guest-blogger, Donna Sweere of Kailua-Kona to thank for this synopsis on Walker’s first two years:

In 16 months Governor Walker has erased a $3.6 Billion dollar budget deficit.

Property taxes up more than 40% since 1998 are now down for the first time in years.

Unemployment is down from 7.7% to 6.7%.

An increase of 23,000 jobs in 2011 was confirmed by the Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development from 95% of actual employers reporting gains (despite an earlier Bureau of Labor survey of only 4% of employers who guessed and reported a loss of 33,000 jobs).

Wisconsin’s ‘Best State for Business‘ ranking by Chief Executive Magazine, moved up to 20th from 41st in one year.

As a result of Walker union reforms (Act 10), most public employees now contribute 5.8% of their salaries to their pensions. (Why not 50%?).

Likewise, most public employees now pay 12% of the cost of their own health insurance premiums. (Why not 50%?)

Three months before the election an interview in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published that “The way the proposal would work is we would take the choice out of the collective bargaining process.” Now many employees love the choice of not having union dues automatically withheld from their paychecks.

When Walker did that, the unions orchestrated raucous protests (causing million$ in damages to State property). Senate Democrats fled to Illinois for weeks to block the vote. The bill passed, survived legal challenges and became law.

With Walker reforms, the Neenah School District saved $1.8 Million on health insurance and raised the minimum teacher pay by 18%.

Milwaukee Public Schools avoided the Walker reforms with existing contracts and have experienced two waves of layoffs.

Restoring collective bargaining rights for public employees ranked 4th in a poll of voters. Creating new jobs was the top choice of voters.

Governor Walker’s promise to create 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term with 2 years to go, has created 23,000 (with the recall distraction) so far. He has been hammered by his opponent, Mayor Barrett about jobs.

But under Mayor Barrett, Milwaukee’s unemployment is over 28%, taxes and fees have gone up 43%, and Milwaukee is the ninth poorest city in the country.

Under Walker’s voluntary union membership, county & state employee membership has decreased by 45%. Not surprisingly, national unions have been called in to defeat Walker.

The Union’s promise to start a “bloody civil war” in Wisconsin has been kept. Character assassination and extortion are familiar to Wisconsinites. Governor Walker’s effort to pass a Voter ID bill was defeated by a circuit judge and Walker’s greatest concern going into the recall election is the ‘likelihood of voter fraud”.

In summary, Walker explains,

“We didn’t have to raise taxes. We didn’t lay off thousands of public employees. We didn’t cut Medicaid–in fact I was actually able to add more money to Medicaid than any governor in Wisconsin history. And we didn’t use budget tricks. If we hadn’t done what we did, there’s no way we’d have been able to avoid one of those, if not all of them.”

All eyes to Wisconsin on Tuesday. This is a watershed vote for all conservatives!

Aloha, Mikie

~Remember:  The government has NO resources. They produce NOTHING. They can only take from one group and give to others they feel more worthy of their largess (buying votes). Support tax reform!


More Classy Action from our Politicians

June 16, 2011

First of all, I don’t care that it was a “D” caught again displaying such classy behavior to their constituents, because next week it could as likely be an “R” displaying their blatant disregard, disrespect and yes, contempt for those who elect them and pay their sorry butts.

What, didn't get his way?

This story earlier this week in The Daily Caller is what got my attention. Democratic Rep. Fred Clark, who’s running in a recall election against a Republican for the State Senate in Wisconsin was caught on tape insulting his constituent who apparently hung up on him after declining to support him in the recall election. Next Clark said,

“I feel like calling her back and smacking her around.”
What do you think? Ya think this attitude might reflect what we can expect from him in the State Senate? Duh!

Plain and simple . . . . . Elections matter!

So FGS pay attention to who you vote for. Not what they look like, act like or smell like; the Ken-doll reincarnated, the first black man, 1st woman, 1st Mormon, a right to lifer, conservative, liberal, gay or whatever. Look at more than the sound bites. Look not so much at what they say (Hope & Change, a Transformation of America. There’s not denying we got that). Look at what they’ve done, who they hang with, who they admire, how they’ve voted and what special interest groups do they kowtow to, etc. I could go on, but I think you get it. Pay attention and use what God gave you between your ears before you pull the lever next time!

Aloha, Mikie

Keep Collective Bargaining or Face the Music -Massive Lay-offs?

February 18, 2011

Wisconsin is embroiled in massive protests some liken to Egypt’s recent revolution. What’s going on in Cairo (and across the Middle-East) is now looking more like a well orchestrated revolution of various behind the scenes groups who will share power at first anyway, and then turn Egypt into something I doubt many wanted when this started.

Some of the rabble-rousers in Egypt are the same socialist equality groups fomenting trouble here and abroad.

Protests were held in Paris and Vienna in Europe; New York, Washington, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, Atlanta and Calgary in North America and in Tokyo. Our own Rich Trumka (AFL-CIO) is behind them all the way calling for a new world order and a redistribution of wealth.

And back to Wisconsin, Jesse Jackson has jumped into the fray telling protesters they are fighting for a just cause. And as if it couldn’t get more political, according to Ben Smith on Politico, the Democratic National Committee’s “Organizing for America arm” (the successor to Obama’s 2008 campaign) is also playing a role in the protests, filling buses and building turnout against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.

President Obama when asked about what is happening in Wisconsin said

“It looks like an assault on the unions.”

Governor Walker strangely has the overwhelming support of the voters of Wisconsin who recently elected him to do the tough job of balancing the state budget’s $137 million deficit. He has tried to avoid layoffs for 5,500 state workers. He is only asking for a shared sacrifice from the public sector employees who generally make more and get far better benefits than those in the private sector.

With 44 states and the District of Columbia having budget shortfalls are we going to continue seeing the likes of Jesse “hi-jackson” and “Organizing for America” and other social justice/new world order/wealth redistribution groups come out of the woodwork as their governors do the work that needs to be done?

Budget shortfalls in California ($25.4 billion ), Illinois ($12.47 billion), Nevada ($3 billion), New Jersey ($10.7 billion) and Texas ($27 billion), just to name a few will not be cured by paying the automatic raises and continued benefit packages public sector workers have become used to in the past. Quite simply, the jig is up. The choice:  do the public sector employees want to hang on to collective bargaining or keep their jobs?

Aloha, Mikie

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