Google, YouTube, Social Media, etc., NOT Your Friends

August 8, 2012

It happens all the time. Go to YouTube (House of Sunny TV -my current fave) searching for news, music, a rant, political commentary, movie trailer or whatever. The title comes up in the search selections, but the video has been removed. Poof -gone. It was there, you saw it somewhere else, but now it’s too hot to handle, politically toxic for the powers that be or not in Google’s best interest, whatever, but it’s gone.

NOT your friend

And this should give pause (hat-tip ProPublica). The Obama campaign has a new mobile app for canvassers. Plug in an address & a map displays the first name, age & gender of the voters who live there. Helpful to the campaign? Yes, but obviously this app is available to anyone and everyone!

Privacy much? It’s slipping more every day.

Oh don’t you worry, a spokesman for the Obama campaign says “it has built-in mechanisms to detect when people are misusing the data”. Okay, now I feel better.

GOOG’s (NASDAQ stock symbol) tentacles extend farther and deeper than you can imagine. This list of acquisitions by Google is extensive but by no means complete:

  • YouTube (Video sharing) 2006 for $1.65 Billion
  • Motorola Mobility 2011 (Mobile device manufacturer) for $12.5 B
  • Keyhole, Inc (Map analysis) 2004, $$ undisclosed (Google Maps)
  • Dodgeball (Social networking) 2005,$$ undisclosed (Google Latitude)
  • ZipDash (Traffic analysis) 2004, $$ undisclosed (Google Maps)
  • Marratech (Videoconferencing) 2007 for $15 Million (Google Talk)
  • Picassa (image organizer) 2004, $$ undisclosed
  • Android (mobile software) 2005 for $50 Million
  • DoubleClick (Online advertising) 2007 for $3.1 Billion (AdSense)
  • ImageAmerica (Aerial Photography) 2007, $$ undisclosed (Google Maps)
  • FeedBurner (Web feed) 2007 for $100 Million (FeedBruner)
  • GrandCentral (Voice over IP) 2007 for $45Million (Google Voice)
  • eBook Technologies (E-books) 2011 $$ undisclosed (Google Books)
  • Zagat (Restaurant reviews) 2011 for $151 Million (Google Places, Maps)
  • Meebo (Instant Messaging) 2012 for $100 Million (Google+)

Good advise from the old Hill Street Blues Sergeant, “Hey, let’s be careful out there.”

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