I live on the Big Island of Hawaii but I’m a Navy brat and first came to Oahu when I was in high school. In fact I am a Punahou alumnus -just like Obama, but they like him a lot more than me. The Big Island has more room to roam, fewer people, less crime and is more laid back than Honolulu. I owned a RE/MAX franchise for nearly 15 years, but retired a few months before the financial melt-down -which some would say was good timing . . . . ;o)

I’m married, but have no children (no kids, no pets- no offense PITA). We love to travel and have been all over Europe-both before and after the Euro. We have also traveled to Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Vietnam and Cambodia and the Philippines. Besides travel, my hobbies include golf and writing.

This is my 2nd blog (the other was a real estate blog) but more than just an outlet for my writing I feel a responsibility to try to make people aware of what is going on in our government and with our country. I write a monthly column for the West Hawaii Today on the U.S. Constitution. You can find these articles by searching this “Constitution Corner + Mikie Kerr.

Over the last several years, under both DEMS and the GOP, we have seen our freedom and liberties eroded by an over-stepping centralized government. Our Congress is totally out of touch with ‘We the People’. They do not represent or answer to us and have turned into a self-serving mob only interested in their own re-election.

The framers of the Constitution were federal powers minimalists. The checks and balances in our government are long gone. More and more, Congress does not even write the bills leaving that to special interest groups, and we know they don’t read the bills they pass -except for the part that exempts them from the laws they are so willing to impose on us.

Americans have lost so many freedoms and liberties we once took for granted. I fear we will lose more if people don’t stand up and have the courage to speak out. It’s time to Get Off Your Butts and do it before it’s too late!

Aloha, Mikie


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  1. Ron Janssen says:

    Aloha Mikie,

    Mikie, I am off my butt actively trying to get two ultra-liberals retired from Congress, the loud mouth, idiotic Alan Grayson here in Orlando (It was my Republican Party District meeting in April that he crashed, that made national news, and still can be found on u-tube), and the other is Maize in YOUR district!
    Ramsay Wharton, who was the Sunrise anchor on KGMB9, went to high school in my neighborhood here in Orlando! In fact her principal is one of my fellow Rotarians, and even though he is a Democrat, when he learned she was running, said “I can not think of a more qualified person”, and contributed money to her campaign on the spot. Everyone here in Orlando, who knew her from school has offered money or to help. She has the same warm charismatic personality as Gov Palin.
    In Washington DC, John Boehner’s designee for handling the Congressional races this year offered her a meeting of no more than 15 minutes. Over an hour into that meeting, he turned to her and said, if I had to describe the perfect candidate for Congress this year, I am looking at that person right now. The word spread so quickly about her that while she was waiting for an elevator, Dana Perino came running up introduced herself, saying you must be Ramsay Wharton and asked if she could help in any way. Those kinds of occurrences are very rare in politics today. You and the people in District 2 are very fortunate to have Ramsay running.
    Having a good conservative message is important, but being able to connect with people and communicate that message is critical. Like both Reagan and Palin, she is a great conservative and also a great communicator.
    I have been helping her from Orlando, but will soon be leaving for Hawaii to help her there. Would love to meet you and have you join our team!!

    Ron J.

  2. Diane Meyer says:

    Just a note to tell you THANKS for the generous contribution to the Camo Quilt Project. What a surprise to learn that the original article that was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, here in WI, would be reprinted in so many other states! Your support of the project is appreciated. We have now distributed over 2000 quilts to our troops and we have 150 quilts requested. Now that summer in WI is over we should see more volunteers coming to the CQP facility.
    If you are ever in WI, please stop in.

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