More and more Islamic candidates in our US Elections

August 8, 2018

Abdul El-Sayed lost his primary election bid for governor of Michigan, but it doesn’t mean he’ll be going away. He would have been thrilled to win and move forward to the general election in November, but now he’s got a solid group of supporters, fundraisers and followers who will serve as his team next time around. El-Sayed was recently a special guest speaker at a fundraiser for a Nation of Islam (NOI)-affiliated mosque.

Abdul El-Sayed & Linda Sarsour

He has often been alongside radical left-wing activist and sharia apologist Linda Sarsour (co-founder of the Pussy march in Washington), in fact he made her his campaign manager. The Muslim Center he helps raise funds for has several ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

According, a court in the UK has just ruled according to sharia law for the first time. There are some in the USA that think we should have sharia law apply in some instances. The Michigan physician arrested for performing female genital mutilation (FGM) is still fighting her case with plenty of support.

Ilhan Omar, running for State Representative in Minnesota to replace Muslim Keith Ellison

CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations (and a Muslim Brotherhood sponsored group) has been fundraising for Ilhan Omar, who is running for Congress in Minnesota. Omar, who in 2016 became the first Somali-American in the country elected to a state legislature, now seeks to succeed Ellison as a US Congresswoman is vying for controversial Congressman Keith Ellison’s seat in the House of Representatives as he moves toward his aspiration to become the state’s attorney general. You see they get elected to lesser positions, often in local politics (school board, city council, etc.), get a little experience and name recognition and then move on up into higher political positions where presumably they will have more influence. Don’t give them an inch because this is their goal of Creeping Sharia, infiltrating all aspects and institutions of American life to eventually seize power from within.

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Just How Widespread Is This Radical Muslim Thing?

June 5, 2017

We hear all the time from the proggy leftist apologists who make excuses for the damage done by radical Islam (as in the UK’s attack Saturday) that the terrorist losers as Trump likes to call them, are only a very small portion of an otherwise peace-loving religion. But is that so? Let’s take a look and thank you to Ben Shapiro!

And by the way the updated Muslim population in the United States as of 2015 was 3.3 million as opposed to 2011 as quoted in the above video.

Another scary fact is the difference in the birth rate of Westerners vs that of Muslims. The UK needs to wake up. Europe needs to wake up and yes many Americans still need to wake up!

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Why Are American Public Schools Pushing Islam?

April 23, 2017

It makes no sense whatsoever. “Access Islam” is a federally funded program directed at public school students in grades 5-12. Thankfully The Christian Action Network has demanded that President Trump’s recently confirmed Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, terminate the program.

A precursor to the program (programming, that is) began under Bush in 2005 (hat-tip Clarion Project). According to the earlier version taught students about the traditions, culture, and holidays of Islam. Then, it became greatly expanded under the Obama administration (drip, drip, drip). It’s being promoted by PBS, The Smithsonian, the Indiana Department of Education, and even the United Nations (of course they do!). WTF? is all I can say. Any yet the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence ~America’s founding documents are given scant attention, if any at all in our schools today.

Students in this DOE sanctioned program are expected to learn passages in the Koran and to explain the meaning of those verses. Note, there is no similar program for Jews, Christians, Hindus or any other of the world’s religions. One of the learning (indoctrinating) videos shows a Christian converting to Islam who declares emotionally how he has found the true religion without any “intermediaries.” One phrase taught is “Allahu Akbar”, you know the one expressed during nearly every Islamic terrorist attack, that one?

I just don’t see what good can come of this indoctrination to a religion that treats women as 3rd class citizens, performs female genital mutilation on little girls, is known to murder gays and has a general philosophy of conquer or kill. And I especially resent my hard-earned tax dollars paying for it! How about you?

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The Left’s Obsession With Diversity Will Be Our Ruination

October 12, 2016

Islam’s greatest weapon to conquer America is the courts, hat-tip

sharia-will-dominateIt’s a mayor here, a city council majority there, a few American trained lawyers working for CAIR or the ACLU, putting on those designer suits and advocating for Islamists and their so-called ‘civil’ liberties and freedom loving Americans don’t stand a chance.


                          One can wish!

London recently elected a Muslim mayor is telling US immigrants not to assimilate. Wait a minute. They should not have to fit into the societies and cultures that accept them and provide billions of dollars in welfare, housing and food stamps as well as education and medical care? How crazy is that?

Well it not just this Islamist-linked Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor who believes we should all just roll over, it’s pervasive among the Muslim refugee community and it’s a pervasive American obsession with diversity common to all the left’s social justice, “we love everyone no matter where they come from or how they behave (or don’t!) attitude”. Remember we’re all xenophobic racists for wanting to maintain our culture, our way of life and our security.

Back to Walid Shoebat,

“The most dangerous Islamic terrorist today does not put on a headscarf and strap a bomb to himself while randomly shooting people with an AK-47, but he is clean-shaven wearing a designer-brand suit and carrying a briefcase while going to court each morning on behalf of his clients”.

Legislation in America comes through the courts as Shoebat explains. With enough Muslim lawyers it’s only a matter of time before a few become judges and despite all the oaths of office taken many will choose Sharia law over US law in meting out their justice. Who knows how long before it will take one of those Sharia-loving Muslim lawyers to become a Supreme Court justice -who currently enjoy lifetime positions? Would Hillary Clinton nominate that person to the Supreme Court? You bet your sweet A$$ she would and the entire left-leaning mainstream media would pile on, beating down anyone opposed to it.

Just saying.

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Ricky Had This One Correct: Not All Muslims Are Jihadists, But ALL Jihadists are Muslim

December 20, 2015

Rick Santorum made this observation in last GOP ‘undercard’ debate.

And this is exactly why Donald Trump’s suggestion that we should ban all Muslims from entering the country until our representatives figure out what is going on is spot on.

  • They don’t want to assimilate; they want to dominate
  • They cannot be democratized; they are tribal & always will be
  • They are barbaric & misogynistic
  • Too many of them favor Sharia Law

We do NOT need more of these people in our country! Stop immigration from any country that is ruled by Sharia law and/or where terrorism has a foothold.

child rape

As if this statement on the left by the Muslim Cleric on Saudi Arabia is not bad enough, here is another example of this twisted mindset that is Islam.

A Muslim grandfather rapes his 2-yr old granddaughter, then her mother murders her for ‘Honor’. From The Clarion Project, when the mother finds out she drowns the daughter in a bucket to avoid shame being brought to the family.

Whistleblowers right and left have reported that the vetting of immigrants and visa applicants is derelict and spotty at best as demonstrated by the fact that DHS employee Philip Haney’s investigation into the group that Tashfeen Malik was associated with was shut down by the Obama Administration out of PC considerations, and that even though her social media was a screed of Islamic allegiance, far be it from the feds to profile or step on their civil rights!

You can’t make this stuff up!

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Europe is Committing Cultural Suicide, And America Is Not Far Behind

November 16, 2015

Watch this shocking display of cultural suicide: It’s a little long, but take a peak, I’ll bet you can’t stop watching it because it’s so unbelievable!

Will it happen here? Yes if drastic steps are not taken and PDQ. From Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review, here are 7 facts to consider:

  1. Numbers:  From 2001-2013, we have admitted approximately 1.6 million immigrants from Muslim countries, double the rate since 9/11.
  2. Recent Trend:  Immigration from Muslim countries is the fastest growing segment of our annual admissions.
  3. Trajectory:  Muslim population is expected to triple by 2050 – from 2.77 million to 8.1 million. It will surpass the Jewish population by 2014.
  4. Student Visas In 2014, the State Department granted roughly 54,000 student visas to Saudi nationals. The Saudi student visa population as grown ten-fold since 9/11. Arabic is the fastest growing languages on US campuses.
  5. Arabs Dominate Refugee Program: Arabic is the most common language spoken by refugees and that has been the case for over a decade.
  6. The US Hosts The Largest Share of Refugees from High Risk Countries:  America has admitted 135,545 refugees from Iraq alone since FY 2007.  After admitting over 100,000 Somali refugees from 1993-2013, we are still bringing in up to 10,000 more each year.
  7. Sentiments of American Muslims:  According to a poll commissioned by the Center for Security Policy, 51% of Muslims living in America believe “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to sharia.” Twenty-nine percent of males under 45 believe that violence against America is justified in order to make Sharia the law of the land.

Donald Trump talks a lot about building a wall and shipping back 12-23 millions illegal immigrants over our southern border but we had better put the brakes on the refugee program practiced in the US. I’ve been studying Spanish thinking it would soon come in handy, but I can see now Arabic would be a lot more useful ~that and a few guns.

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Tax-payer Funded Planned Parenthood Promotes Bondage, Sadism, Discipline/Domination & More

June 12, 2014

From Heritage Foundation‘s Daily Signal:

$500 Million taxpayer funds goes to Planned Parenthood per year with an additional $75 million for teen sex education under Obamacare. But what kind of education? Ropes, paddles, pain, BDSM (bondage, discipline/domination, submission/sadism and masochism.

Just think if the girls receiving this type of sex “education” at Planned Parenthood prepare wisely they’ll be well ready to live under Sharia Law where they will be subjected to vile acts of rape & degradation, cruelty, injustice, stoning, beatings and disrespect in general.

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