Our Tax Dollars Incentivizing Jihadi Survivor Payments To The Palestinian Authority

April 27, 2017

Fact #1 The US federal government currently gives the Palestinian Authority more than $300 million in aid a year.

Fact #2:  The Palestinian Authority pays the families of terrorists and their survivors about that same amount, which amounts to approximately 7% of its annual budget. This is pure incentive to murder!

Fact #3:  Taylor Force, a West Point graduate who served in Afghanistan & Iraq died as a result of a brutal stabbing that also severely wounded 10 others.

Fact #4:  Bashar Masalha, the murderer was given a hero’s funeral & glorified as a martyr. His family, as is the custom will be paid an annual stipend greater than the average Palestinian earns.

Fact #5:  During the Obama era, U.S. payments to the Palestinians have averaged around $400 million per year. Under Obama the Taylor Force bill failed to receive a vote in either chamber.

For the Force family this is personal. Their 28 yr-old son, Taylor a tourist in Tel Aviv was stabbed to death while walking along the Mediterranean boardwalk promenade with friends on March 8, 2016. Luckily, the Israeli police shot Masalha to death. They don’t pussy-foot around like our mainstream media and so many pc politicians (“Gee, we don’t really know if this was an act of terror or not”), nevertheless Masalha’s family is set and will receive blood money annually.
A congressional bill called the Taylor Force Act if passed would cut off all US aid to the Palestinians it does not stop the payments. Lindsey Graham is the main sponsor in this bill (-for once he is doing the right thing and not criticizing other Republicans with his BFF, Senator John McCain).
Hopefully with our pro-Israel President, this time the Taylor Force Act will pass.

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Why Are American Public Schools Pushing Islam?

April 23, 2017

It makes no sense whatsoever. “Access Islam” is a federally funded program directed at public school students in grades 5-12. Thankfully The Christian Action Network has demanded that President Trump’s recently confirmed Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, terminate the program.

A precursor to the program (programming, that is) began under Bush in 2005 (hat-tip Clarion Project). According to ClarionProject.org the earlier version taught students about the traditions, culture, and holidays of Islam. Then, it became greatly expanded under the Obama administration (drip, drip, drip). It’s being promoted by PBS, The Smithsonian, the Indiana Department of Education, and even the United Nations (of course they do!). WTF? is all I can say. Any yet the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence ~America’s founding documents are given scant attention, if any at all in our schools today.

Students in this DOE sanctioned program are expected to learn passages in the Koran and to explain the meaning of those verses. Note, there is no similar program for Jews, Christians, Hindus or any other of the world’s religions. One of the learning (indoctrinating) videos shows a Christian converting to Islam who declares emotionally how he has found the true religion without any “intermediaries.” One phrase taught is “Allahu Akbar”, you know the one expressed during nearly every Islamic terrorist attack, that one?

I just don’t see what good can come of this indoctrination to a religion that treats women as 3rd class citizens, performs female genital mutilation on little girls, is known to murder gays and has a general philosophy of conquer or kill. And I especially resent my hard-earned tax dollars paying for it! How about you?

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Are We Losing Freedom or Gaining Freedom? Hint – The March Toward Socialism is Steady & Constant

April 18, 2017

I just caught this on Armstrong Economics, one of my favorite websites. Here is yesterday’s rather frightening headline:  India Outlawing Cash Altogether in 75 Cities. Wow! I’ve written about the push toward a cashless society in the USA, here and here and it’s gonna get worse. But it was just last November when India banned the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes ($7.50 & $15.00 values) almost overnight. Now they are outlawing all cash in 75 cities! Ninety-eight percent of all consumer transactions are in India are cash, so it was quite a blow to all businesses. Prime Minister Modi said it was designed to fight against corruption and money laundering. It’s always for our own good, especially if they can conflate it to be for “the children” or animals or some perceived victim group, but it’s never really those reasons at all. It’s all about control.

I do not want the government -you know the one that records and stores all of our emails and phone calls, etc., (google Utah data center) tracking where and how I spend my money.

Banning cash is a way to track & tax your every move: what you spend your money on, where you go, etc., and making judgments about it all. This will not stop since they cannot and will never cut their wasteful spending.

According to CNN Money, India’s economy had been thriving. Its recent 7.3% growth rate was the best of any major global economy. After demonetization, that may no longer be the case.

Prime Minister Modi is being cheered behind the curtain and every government is keenly watching the results (as they rub their greasy palms together). The townships were actually selected on the basis of a recommendation by none other than Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) furthering the G20 agenda to stamp out tax evasion worldwide. The old G8, an international forum (The Group of Eight) sought to address major industrial economies, whereas the G20 has a wider scope (think global governance and control). In 2014 Obama dominated the G20 Summit and made climate change the top agenda item. I know the ‘science is settled’, but many believe climate change is nothing but a massive, global scheme to redistribute wealth by over burdensome taxation and destroying capitalism while they are at it -like they did to coal in America.

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Something Is Very Wrong In Denmark, i.e., Washington D.C.

April 4, 2017


This is where Obama lives in Washington D.C. Actually it’s a bunker. The place where Obama & Valerie Jarrett live (which is just a little strange) and scheme to fuel civil unrest & run interference with the Trump administration. Today’s example of fueling civil unrest is the “Fight for $15” protests being staged all over the country. It’s a marriage of unions (all pretty much socialists now) and the Black Lives Matter Movement demanding racial and economic justice (against capitalism & corporations).

The labor unions used to be against immigration because it hurt their members. But now the unions just like the Democratic Party (the party of Santa Claus), just want more member$ themselves. Immigrants, legal or illegal vote overwhelmingly Democratic. Study after study shows that large immigrant populations suppress wages and benefits for Americans and the worst affected are black & Latino citizens. So this Fight for $15 makes no sense. It’s just an excuse to protest and riot.

But back to the Obama-Jarrett duo. You have to understand a little about Ms. Jarrett. FBI files show that Jarrett comes from a long line of hard-core communists (dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law) who have been investigated by the US government. Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer born in Iran (do you think this had any bearing on that terrible Iran nuke deal??) and longtime Obama confidant, is a liberal extremist who wielded tremendous power in the Obama White House. Faithful to her roots, she still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Jarrett and her family also had strong ties to Frank Marshal Davis, a big Obama mentor and Communist Party member with an extensive FBI file. This information comes from JudicialWatch.org.

And Killary has resurfaced recently in San Francisco also urging civil unrest deliberately to prevent any reforms that Trump had promised. Hillary told the crowd in San Francisco:  “Resist. Insist. Persist. Enlist.”

So is it any surprise that it’s now being reported (though ever-so-reluctantly) by the liberal FAKE News, that Obama loyalist Susan Rice of the Benghazi & Bergdahl lies (“Benghazi riots were caused by a YouTube video”, and Beau Bergdahl, a US Army deserter, “had served honorably and with distinction”), is now fingered as the person who unmasked the Trump names in the surveillance. But, get this -she’s saying all of this was within the scope of the job of a national security advisor! I don’t think so. One administration spying on a political opponent and then turning it around to say those opponents were colluding with the Ruskies (still no solid evidence of this) to throw the election?

Remember when German chancellor Angela Merkel compared the NSA’s spying into her personal phone to the East German Stasi secret police? Well she was right only this time it’s a former American President (Nobama) and one of his loyal sidekicks, Susan Rice spying on a political opponent.

It will be very interesting to see where this goes but don’t look to the regular FAKE News to do anything but spin it.

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OMG! Look At The Newest Members of the UN Human Rights Council

January 3, 2017

Wow this is mind-blowing, but not unexpected I guess. Hat-tip The Daily Wire. This is in follow-up to a recent post “Why Do We Even Tolerate The United Nations“.


               Throwing gays off of root-tops

This is as good a reason as any to leave the United Nations. Understand the mandate of the Human Rights Council:

“To act as an inter-governmental body within the United Nations system responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing situations of human rights violations and make recommendations on them.”

Here are the newest guardians of human rights on the HR Council:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Here are some tweets from the human rights activist, Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, fighting dictatorships & double standards, which hit the nail on the head:

  1. Saudi Arabia begins 2017-2019 term . Don’t worry: “Saudi Arabia supports empowerment of women” & “guarantees fair gender equality.”
  2. 4 clarity before I book my hols & I am not 2 sure. Can U tell me which ones Do Not behead people or stone gays as I Want 2 have a nice time.
  3. & if it’s not pushing my luck too far,as considering an Easter trip, Do any of the member states allow the practice of Christianity.
  4. mostly Islamic theocracies or communist countries.. Wow.
  5. is ok, but is better – All free countries should leave the UN & ignore what’s left of it.

I am still not sure it’s wise to leave the UN entirely because then we lose our veto power and any check at all on what they propose, but it’s certainly time to reform it and curtail the purse strings!

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Why Do We Even Tolerate The United Nations?

December 29, 2016

Will a President Trump jettison the United Nations along with it the 22% of the regular budget & 28% of the peacekeeping budget currently paid by the United States? Diplomatic immunity is another thing that grates on me. It’s just another elitist bullcrap tradition that allows foreign diplomats to literally get away with murder. “Oh sorry that law doesn’t apply to me ~Diplomatic Privilege you know”.

diplomatic-immunityDiplomatic Immunity privileges extend directly from the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, or VCDR. It also includes immunity for members of the family, members of the administrative and technical staff of the mission and their families.

Millions in unpaid parking tickets are common knowledge, but the abuses of immunity extend far beyond that. For example human trafficking & drug smuggling by diplomats (or their errant sons & daughters) poses little risk of prosecution. Drunk driving? Fagetaboutit. Another report includes a Saudi Diplomat who raped and kept two women hired as domestic help for months before fleeing India without consequence. The list goes on and on.

CNSNews.com reported that last year American taxpayers coughed up around $3.024 billion towards the United Nations’ regular and peacekeeping budgets, more than what 185 other countries combined. Add in other voluntary contributions made to the UN and its affiliated organizations and the tab jumps to over $8 billion!

I think most of us have heard about the insult & injury showered on Israel by the UN Security Council intentionally orchestrated behind the scenes by NObama & Secretary of State John Kerry just last week.

According to Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire, “The United Nations today is staffed by dictators and tyrants.”

Here are the 7 worst things the UN has done per Shapiro:

  • The UN appointed Saudi Arabia (one of the worst violators of human rights) to chair the United Nations Human Rights Council
  • UN peacekeepers sexually abused children in the Central African Republic
  • The UN failed to stop mass genocide and ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, Bosnia, Cambodia, and East Timor
  • The UN failed to hold the Soviet Union accountable
  • UN peacekeepers in South Sudan ignored rape and assault of aid workers
  • They have turned a blind eye to the latest genocide in Syria
  • The UN’s anti-Israel obsession has officially become an excuse for anti-Semitism

I say give them the boot and/or at least have them pay more of their fair share. Why is the US always ‘daddy warbucks’ for the rest of the world? But honestly, we really can’t step away from the table. The US leaving the UN would unleash their mischief and eliminate our veto over their actions as outlined in this American Thinker piece.

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This Guy Should Have Been Impeached Long Ago

November 7, 2016

President Obama is getting even more lawless as the days go by. I’m telling you and if you are honest with yourself you must agree, this guy should have been impeached a long time ago.

Oh and here’s another crook. Good friend of Bill & Killary Clinton, Governor Terry McAuliffe. He has just recently (in a back-handed way) granted voting rights to 60,000 convicted felons in the key swing state of Virginia, a move that could give Hillary a victory.

And then we have this:

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