ACLU Does Not Want You to Know What Sits Atop the Washington Monument

LAUS DEO (Praise be to God) in Latin was placed atop the capstone of the Washington Monument on Saturday, December 6, 1884.

Who says this country wasn’t founded, in fact steeped in Christian teachings and prayer? It is clear when you study history that George Washington’s America was established under the guidance, direction and banner of Almighty God. There are numerous biblical and Christian inscriptions in public places (and yes government buildings!) all over our nation’s capitol.

The East face of the capstone was inscribed 'LAUS DEO' -Praise be to God

With the Washington Monument the highest in Washington D.C. and no other building allowed to be higher, we truly are A NATION UNDER GOD.

In truth, according to and other sources like A History of the Washington Monument by George J. Olszewski, all four sides of the capstone are engraved and when the cornerstone was laid on July 4th, 1848 deposited within it were many items including the Holy Bible!

And Hawaii’s State legislature just passed a new Senate rule doing away with the daily invocation before each day’s activity in the Senate for fear of being sued by someone. How panty can you get? This is how the ACLU and other special interest groups divide us, pitting Christians against other religions, one income group against another and of course, one race against another. All the while our founders intended us be ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

Aloha, Mikie

One Response to ACLU Does Not Want You to Know What Sits Atop the Washington Monument

  1. Nicki says:

    Mike, thanks for the plain and simple truth. It is all about divide and conquer. Hope we all will remember that and fight division every chance we get.


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