Use Less Electricity Your Rates Go Up, Use Less Gas Govt Now Will Tax You Per Mile Driven

More double taxation! Governments all over the world are cash-strapped and unwilling to cut spending so they will not let up on new and different ways to squeeze more money out of every one of us.taxes

Climate change (you know they used to call it global warming until we had a couple record-breaking, freezing ass winters) is the convenient excuse for a lot of this. They’ve been harping on us to use less fossil fuels (never mind that the govt elites & celebrities flit around in private jets without batting an eye), shutting down coal plants and wasting our tax dollars on wind energy. Well as our electricity use has dropped, what did they do? They raised our electric rates! Car makers have been forced to make more gas efficient cars (at the expense of highway safety I might add) so now that highway taxes are down due to lower gas consumption we’ll not only pay federal and state taxes, average = 42.52¢/gallon, but now we’ll pay an additional tax/mile.

According to Armstrong Economics, Oregon will be installing GPS “Mileage Tracking Devices” in every car. They will also use the global warming scam to justify this tax as if this will have any effect upon altering the climate. It is just an excuse to justify more taxation. A new double taxation. Eventually, all states will follow this lead.

Hold on to your wallets and be sure to vote for a president who will lower our taxes!

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