Tax-Day Good News: The IRS Is Aiding Identity Thief & Voter Fraud

Go here to sign the petition to impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen.

You cannot make this stuff up and since today is the deadline for your donations to the IRS (April 15th was a holiday so April 18th is the due date) you may be interested to know that the IRS knows illegal aliens are filing taxes with stolen Social Security numbers, but is looking the other way in the interest in collecting the revenue. Commissioner Koskinen testifying before a Senate panel said:

“It’s in everyone’s interest to have illegal aliens paying taxes”. (and it’s in the interest of the Democrats to have them vote).

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According to Numbers USA, Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.) asked IRS Commissioner for an explanation into IRS procedures and found that, the IRS continues to process tax returns with false W-2 information and issue refunds as if they were routine tax returns.

Well of course they’re reporting this to the victims of the stolen identity and they’re going to prosecute the perpetrators through Social Security, right? Uh, no they aren’t. It’s not their job according to Koskinen. This folks is just another example of how criminal our government is.

This is a blatant disregard of 14th Amendment which toward the end of Section 1. states that

“. . . nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Every citizen who’s ID is stolen and not notified is not receiving “equal protection of the laws”. Of course we all know the law does not apply to government elites or illegal aliens. And BTW, socialist Bernie Sanders wants to raise taxes by a staggering $20 trillion over ten years, and Hillary’s plan for us is not much better. They’d like you to believe that’s just on the “rich,” but such a massive hike would hit everyone hard.

When are we going to reach our limit folks? When is enough enough? When are we going to throw the bums out?

Go here to sign the petition to impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen.

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