The Libs Misstep In Not Retiring Ruth Bader Ginsburg While Obama Could Have Successfully Named a Replacement

At 83 years old and already having survived cancer -pancreatic and colon, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a workhorse to be commended. And she’s not opposed to taking the occasional nip when the opportunity arises. But with the unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia nearly a year ago it’s looking like the Democrats may have missed a chance for Obama to have nominated her successor.

Of course neither the libs nor Ginsburg ever imagined in their worst nightmare that ‘the Donald’ would be elected, but I’ll bet they now wish they had at least considered that possibility and planned for it. As it stands President Trump may very likely have the opportunity nominate one or even 2 new Supreme Court Judges after Neil Gorsuch and based on Gorsuch’s outstanding bona fides, that will pull the court distinctly and severely to the right for possibly decades to come.

Of course Ginsburg didn’t want to resign or retire prematurely, and according to she regularly does push-ups as well as sit-ups and “something called the plank.” She can do more than 20 push-ups. She does the full push-ups, not the knee variation. Ginsburg even has a personal trainer, so it’s pretty clear she plans on being on the Court for the long hall. But in hindsight taking one for the team would have gone a long way to assuaging the left’s hysteria right now.

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