Million Muppet March Planned To Save Big Bird’s Federal Funding

October 14, 2012

Let me remind you of the parting rant from Greg Smith, the Goldman Sachs executive who said he was sick of hearing customers referred to as Muppets; suckers to be fleeced by the big banks and hedge funds like Goldman where he had been for 12 years.

Now a new & different muppet protest is in the offing. After Romney cleaned NObama’s clock, apparently Sesame Street fans (not unlike Planned Parenthood fans) are aghast at the thought of losing the federal cheese, so a Hollywood animation exec and an Idaho student are planning a Million Muppet March for November 3rd at the National Mall in Washington DC three days before the election.

Me, I sorta agree with my friend Bob:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have got to cut the wheat from the chaff here. We need to do a HELL of a lot of cutting in the way of PC bull-crap, spending and government reform as soon as Romney/Ryan get there and we’re all gonna feel it or it’s won’t have been enough!

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Muppets in Pakistan -Courtesy of USA, Another $20M Down the Drain

April 13, 2011

This just doesn’t seem like a good idea. I know public broadcasting has to go somewhere with all the heat they’ve taken lately, but this feels like some “gotcha” scheme concocted between NPR and apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood after the James O’Keefe sting which had Schiller red-handed on tape cozying up to Muslim Brotherhood members in hopes of a $5 million contribution. Sleazy is the word that comes to mind.

But back to the Muppets, aside from yet another ridiculous tax expenditure with this $20 million remake of Sesame Street for Pakistan prime-time, how do we know what words they’ll put into Miss Piggy or Kermit’s mouth? I don’t speak Urdu. Are we gonna take their word for it? You know the concept of taqiyya or holy deception, right?

A part of me wants there to be a counter to the Saudi funded, boys-only Madrassas all over the world (including America BTW), which drums in hardline Sharia law, hatred of Jews, Israel, America and the Western culture.

How do we prevent the Muppet scripts from being translated into hate and kill directives from the Koran? I doubt if Miss Piggy’s “Guide to Life” (especially given the Islamic prohibition against pork!) will be replacing mandatory Koranic memorization required of Muslim children all over the world.

Aloha, Mikie

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